Guided Coaching Program

Your journey to a powerful destiny begins here……

Dragon Taming is unique and powerful self coaching program aimed at liberating your mind, heart and energy enabling you to become the most powerful and happiest version of yourself.

Your Kingdom Awaits

Step into this path of self-discovery and powerful transformation where you will uncover secret passages, find hidden valleys and glorious mountains. This path will be full of twists and turns and there will be Dragons lurking in the shadows but fear not!

The Dragon Taming app will be your guide and companion along this journey. It will reveal your Dragons and will teach you how to tame them one step at a time to take down the defence mechanisms you have learned so you can step into your Kingdom to discover your majestic self, ultimately leading to a heightened state of being and better quality of life.

Designed specifically for warriors who do not have the time to commit to formal coaching sessions or may not have the resources at this point in time. This roadmap will be full of adventure and self-discovery and the Dragon Taming app will become your guide along the way to remind you of your purpose, desires, values, beliefs and genius so you can step into the power of your Kingdom and bask in the glory of your authentically powerful, majestic self.

Choose Your Own Path

This magical journey will ultimately lead to freedom, limitless potential, fulfilment, and joy. You can choose your own path:

Standard Dragon Report

Receive a complimentary report to reveal the Dragon you are hostage to. This awareness will act as a reminder every time you’re in danger of returning to the safety of your Dragon.

The Comprehensive Dragon Report

You will have the opportunity to dive deeper into learning about your Dragons and receive personalised recommendations which will help you lay the foundations to build your own path into self-awareness and success.

Evolve your Mastery with the Dragon Taming Quest

Set out on a 5-week course guided by the app creator Leigh De Bruin aka the dragon tamer to enhance your findings and learnings: The journey spans across three major challenges, The Mind Challenge, The Heart Challenge, and The Power Challenge.

Meet The 7 Dragons


The deepest fear is rejection and vulnerability. They fear being judged and wear a mask to hide who they truly are. They appear to be cool, distant, perfectionists, critical and often anxious. They try to be perfect and become what they think others want them to be. As children they were compared to others and expected to achieve high standards.


The strongest fear is inadequacy. They fear that they are not good enough. They appear to have low esteem, they tend to shrink away when feeling hurt and apologize frequently. To avoid criticism they criticize themselves first. As children they criticized and feared failing to meet expectations.


Their biggest fear is that time will run out. They appear to be rushed, stressed, intolerant and angry. They live in the future and often use procrastination as a strategy. As children they felt deprived of experiences.


The greatest fear is feeling worthless and being trapped by circumstances beyond their control. They tend to complain and blame a lot. They use guilt as a strategy. As children they had no voice and were expected to be obedient.


The deepest fear is lack, that there is not enough to go around. They appear to have addictive behaviors, they tend to deprive themselves and then overindulge. They develop fixations on food, power, sex, money or something specific. As children they felt abandoned generally due to the absence of a parent.


The strongest fear is loss of control. These people appear to have addictive behaviors, they can be violent and suicidal. They often appear to be wild and struggle to find the meaning in life. As children they were abandoned and subjected to abuse.

Self-destructive dragon


The greatest fear is that choice is being taken away or sudden change. They appear to be rebellious, argumentative and stubborn. They refuse to listen and submit to authority and often say ‘no’ to things as a strategy to buy time to think. As children they had no voice and were forced to do as they were told.

Go on a Quest

To master your dragons in your own time, download the Dragon Taming mobile application.

Go on a 5-week, activity-based journey to identify your dragons and learn the skills necessary to tame them. Start today!


Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.

– L. Hughes