The Dragon Tamer

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Powered by scientific design and machine learning, our revolutionary self coaching program combines fun and education to accelerate your growth. Become a Member to unlock all quests including an exclusive report helping you identify your inner Dragons holding you back from self-fullfillment, limitless potential and joy.

Dr. Leigh De Bruin

Over the years, both through her studies across a range of disciplines, her personal experience and client work, she has developed deep insights and knowledge which she now wants to share with the world. She has combined her expertise of business, transformation and change management, neuroscience and martial art disciplines to develop a powerful program designed to take people from a place of fear to a place of power.

Leigh spent many years working as a management consultant helping organisations flourish but her real passion is enabling the transformation of people. Her purpose in life is to be a master healer and force for change, she deeply cares about other people and wants to share her passion, knowledge and insights with the world. She believes that by transforming individuals, we transform communities which enables us to transform countries and in turn the world. She hopes that this can make the world a happier and better place.

She lives in the beautiful and majestic Oman with her husband and two sons who are her ‘everything’ and her greatest teachers in life.

For years, Leigh has used the Dragon metaphor as a playful way of getting people to frame their limitations, fears and doubts in a different way which helps them to grow and prosper. She has created the Dragon Taming app to offer a fun but purposeful and accessible way to help anyone who wants to explore their potential to grow and evolve.

“I can’t believe I wasted so much of life living in fear and captive to my Dragon but I’m so grateful that I finally managed to tame it!”

The Best Self Coaching App For Busy People

Created for the time-pressured The Dragon Taming App makes self-care fit into your busy routine.

Begin your journey of self-discovery with easy to follow quests, filled with audio and video files that will guide you along the way and help you find self-awareness and a more fullfilled state of being.


Just as the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

– English Proverb